Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu - Psychologist Daniel Goleman on How to Expand Your Mind with Emotional Intelligence ( 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Emotional Intelligence | Daniel breaks down what being emotionally intelligent looks like.


“…no matter what meditation you’re going to do, if you do it regularly, it does two things. It calms you, it makes you less triggered less often and when you’re triggered, you’re not triggered so intensely and you recover more quickly, that’s the calm, and it also focuses you. Meditation is a direct training of the mind in paying attention…” [17:39]

“Cognitive control is a stronger predictor of your adult life than your childhood IQ or the wealth of the family you grew up in.” [1:17:18]

“The first person who benefits from compassion is the one who feels it.” [1:34:29]

[0:27] Learnable | Daniel reveals why it’s never too late to develop emotional intelligence. [2:48] Training | Daniel reveals what training emotional intelligence looks like. [3:36] Emotional Centers | Daniel discusses our brain’s emotional centers and responses. [6:52] Children | Daniel reveals the tools he teaches children to become emotionally self-aware. [9:48] Adulthood | Daniel reveals what you may need to unlearn as an adult. [11:09] Meditation | Daniel reveals how he came to adopt meditation and mindfulness. [13:11] Breathing | Daniel reveals the powerful and positive impact of breathing exercises. [21:35] India | Daniel shares what he discovered on his journey in India. [24:43] Importance | Daniel reveals why it matters that the western world adopts mediation. [29:13] Workplace | Daniel shares how emotional intelligence makes all the difference. [30:51] Psychological Safety | Daniel shares what psychological safety is. [32:34] Social Brain | Daniel breaks down what your social brain is. [35:21] Alone | Daniel reveals how meditators are masters of being alone. [39:39] Purpose | Daniel breaks down the driving power of purpose. [42:26] Meaning | Daniel reveals why meaning, purpose, and beliefs are so important to us. [44:09] Heaven & Hell | Daniel shares why living in heaven or hell begins in our mind. [49:05] Sheathing the Sword | Daniel shares a story of ‘keeping your sword sheathed.’ [51:26] Redefining Success Through Purpose | Tom shares his motivation to help others. [53:29] Money | Tom shares why he never focuses his message on money or a ‘rich life-style.’ [1:00:01] Life | Tom shares how he balances and blends his personal life and hustle. [1:03:11] Marriage | Daniel shares the intertwining connection partners have over time. [1:04:43] Find Your Answer | Daniel reveals how you can find and pursue your purpose. [1:06:00] George Lucas | Tom and Daniel discuss George Lucas and his pursuit of passion. [1:09:15] Where We’re Going | Daniel shares his concerns over where today’s world is heading. [1:14:50] Put-Up | Daniel shares how to turn a negative situation into a positive one. [1:17:39] Ruthless | Daniel reveals why so many kids can have moments of ruthlessness. [1:19:55] Empathy | Daniel shares how empathy is teachable. [1:21:42] Optimism | Daniel reveals how optimism is directly tied to success. [1:23:18] Your Aligning | Daniel shares what needs to align up to fulfill your purpose. [1:29:39] Love & Kindness | Daniel reveals the importance of love, kindness, and empathy. [1:31:22] Compassion & Anger | Daniel shares the power of compassion and the types of anger. [1:34:29] Left Prefrontal Cortex | Daniel discusses the parts of the brain and our feelings. [1:35:54] Men & Women | Daniel discusses the differences between the sexes. [1:37:07] Connect | Daniel shares how you can continue to learn from him. [1:39:43]

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