Lucas Walker's Rolled Up - Getting to do it Your Way with Eric Bandholz ( 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Eric Bandholz, co-founder of Beardbrand, joins me to talk about choosing profitability and finding the right balance between running lean and growing your business.That's not to say that capital is a bad thing, but you do give up freedom to do things when investors need to get paid.That can include things like growing a YouTube channel to over 1M views, leaving Amazon, and opening a barbershop during a pandemic.But no matter what you do, you’ll get critical feedback, but none of that matter if they aren’t stakeholders in your business.Lastly, we discuss how to compete against the behemoth’s like Amazon by doing things like opening a barbershop to sell online.Tactical insights from this episode. Profitability and focus prevents you from deploying asinine ideas, and gives you a sustainable business modelHave one value proposition per year. For Beardbrand, this is helping customer avoid scent confusion.Investing in content that educates customers as a product differentiatorSponsorsThank you to Shogun for sponsoring the Rolled Up Podcast Network. Nomad increased page speed, resulting in a 25% increase in conversions, a 15.6% reduction in their bounce rate, and most importantly made 25% more per sale.